Solar Water Pumps

A farmer using a solar pump to draw water from a bore.A solar powered pump is a great alternative to a electric or diesel powered pump. They are not only more economical to run, but they also have far less impact on the environment. They can also be used in places where electricity is otherwise unavailable and where wind power is not suitable/does not produce enough energy. Solar water pumps come in range of sizes and can be used for anything from a small outdoor aquarium or swimming pool through to pumping water from a bore providing for a domestic water supply, irrigation or livestock.

Advantages of a Solar Pump

  • A solar pump reduces electricity/petrol usage and is environmentally friendly.
  • A high efficiency solar pumps will also work in many low light applications, such as early and late afternoon sun and also on cloudy days.
  • Solar pumps can be used for a wide variety of applications.
  • Many solar pumps feature digital monitoring and control, which means that they are easy to operate.
  • Submersible solar pumps are available and can be used the same way as a standard submersible pump.
  • Solar pumps are very reliable and require very little maintenance.
  • A solar pump kit is easy to install and comes pre wired and ready to run!
  • Are a great replacement for windmills and any electric or petrol pumps.
  • Solar pumps are very efficient and powerful. They can pump water from up to 230m below ground level!
  • Solar pumps are eligible for various government rebates and incentives such as Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).


There are also some disadvantages over more traditional forms of pumps. The main disadvantage is the higher initial outlay cost of a solar pump. This can be offset somewhat by the solar rebates as well as the long term savings, but the higher initial cost remains a concern for some people. Solar power also requires enough sunlight to power the pump. This means that solar power may not be suitable in applications where sunlight is restricted, such as under the shade of a tree, or where your pump needs to run during hours of darkness. This can be managed by using a hybrid solar/electric or solar/petrol system.

Solar Pump Kits

A solar pump kitSolar pump kits are available for almost any situation and take the hassle out of installing your new pump. They come pre wired and ready to install and most people are able to install the system by themselves. A basic solar pump kit contains solar panels (photovoltaic array), motor and pump. A fully featured kit will also include digital controllers, isolation and low level switch/s, all cabling and plugs, solar panel frame and more. Regarding the warranty period, it is important to know that most solar panels have a 15-25 year warranty period, but the other components in a solar pump kit may have far less warranty coverage.

Choosing a Kit

The size of your solar panel, motor and pump depends on your needs. If you are unsure about what will work best for you then it is best to speak with an industry expert. Many solar pump providers will be happy to make a visit to your property to better assess your needs.