How Solar CRM Software is Changing the Industry

Solar installation is at an all time high and the latest Australian figures show that one in four homes now have rooftop solar power systems. This unprecedented demand, along with the decreasing cost of solar panels and equipment, means that there are now more solar installers than ever before. With more competition in the market it is an increasingly difficult time to operate a solar installation business. This means that installers are searching for ways to get more leads, convert those leads into sales and keep their customers satisfied. One way companies are achieving this is by using specialised software to track leads, sales and improve their workflow.

What is Solar CRM Software?

Unlike generic CRM software, solar CRM software is designed with the industry in mind. Some important features that quality software includes are data and document management, accessibility on the job site, streamlined sales process, insights and analytics, as well as connectivity with the sales, marketing and project team. This type of software package generally includes all of the expected features such as cloud storage, email alerts, custom workflows and integration with other apps and programs. It is also a great way to create a sales funnel, streamline your solar sales process, track sales and provide analytics and insights into successful and failed sales.

How is it Changing the Industry?

A high quality solar CRM software package is basically essential for businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition. From a solar sales prospective it ensures that sales representatives are able to mange all of their clients and leads in one easily accessible platform. CRM software allows for better lead management, makes it easy to follow up on sales opportunities in a timely manner, prioritise follow up interactions and helps hit sales targets faster. From a business management standpoint it enables each member of the team to interact with the necessary data and documents and collaborate seamlessly. This type of software is perfect for the whole proposal process, from the initial lead and solar site survey through to the design and acceptance phase. Businesses without quality CRM software are at a huge disadvantage and will struggle to remain relevant in the industry.

Which CRM Software is Right for Your Business?

Choosing the right software for your business can be a daunting task. There are many different options available and it is tempting to choose a generic CRM package simply for cost reasons. However, a specific solar CRM software package offers so many advantages because it is designed to be industry specific. This means that it is is tailored to providing a high quality sales funnel for your solar sales as well as being the perfect solution for the project team working on aspects such as the solar site survey, design and proposal. Choosing something that is industry specific allows you to focus more on your business and let the software work for you, instead of spending countless hours trying to make generic CRM software fit your business.

As the cost of solar continues to decrease and the rates of solar installation continue to increase the competition in the industry will continue to be a challenge for solar installers. It is important that your business is ready for these challenges ahead. Finding quality solar CRM software is one way that you can ensure your business remains ahead of the game. Finding ways to turn your leads into sales and happy customers will remain a challenge, but with a high quality software package you’ll be prepared in the best possible way.