Gas Powered Split System Air Conditioning

Are you looking for an alternative to standard air conditioning systems, but solar power isn’t an option? Maybe a gas powered air conditioning system would suit your needs and work towards lowering your power bill. This is a great option for homes and businesses with access to natural gas because this cooling option is far cheaper to run than a standard electric air conditioner. These air conditioners are also very effective and have virtually the same cooling (and heating) ability as the electric powered models. Read on to find out if this type of air conditioner is right for your needs.

Gas Powered Split Systems

A gas powered split system.A gas powered air conditioner is virtually identical to an electric split system air conditioner. However, in the gas powered model a small gas engine drives the compressor in the outdoor unit instead of an electric motor. The gas motor can automatically change speed to regulate the temperature inside the room. The outside unit is sometimes called a gas heat pump and are commonly used in other parts of the world.

Gas powered split systems are extremely efficient and are available in multi-room configurations. This means that a single outside unit can run a number of indoor units. This is a perfect way to cool and heat a family home, office, school or other type of building with multiple rooms. For example, an 85kW gas powered outdoor unit can easily cool 8 separate rooms while using minimal electricity. The efficiency to power usage ratio of these units is unmatched. The added benefit to this is that the inside units are standard split system models, which means that the cost is comparable to the standard split system install.


A tradesman installing a split system air conditioner.Installation of a gas powered split system is no more complex than a standard split system. However, the gas fittings must be installed be a qualified and licensed installer. Installation costs vary with the installer, but it should cost about the same as an electric air conditioner installation. Some parts of the installation, such as mounting the air conditioner units, are suitable for DIY, but we always recommend a fully qualified and experienced installer.

Benefits of a Gas Powered Air Conditioner

Long Servicing PeriodA gas powered split system only needs to be serviced once every 5 years (or every 10,000 hours)!
Reduced Energy Bills and Environmental ImpactUsing a gas heat pump system cuts the amount of electricity the unit uses by up to 90%! You can even combine solar power and gas to remove the need for mains power at all. It is estimated that a gas powered unit is 30-50% cheaper to run. Government rebates may be available in certain states and territories.
Multiple Room Cooling AbilityA single gas outdoor unit can be used to run a number of inside heating and cooling units.
Mostly Off the ShelfThe inside unit/s used in a gas powered air conditioning system are standard units.
Work in Extreme ColdA gas heat pump uses waste heat from the unit to remove ice from the condenser coils. An electric system needs to run de-icing cycles before it can begin heating.